Ply-split braiding and weaving, two centuries-old fiber arts, captivate me and compete equally for my creative energies. Mix in knotting, braiding, and unlimited colorways, and I have a delightful pallet of interlacements beckoning me to bring them together in contemporary interpretations. Weaving presents puzzles that must be solved how do I make each thread do what it needs to in order to make the cloth I envision? Ply-splitting is very portable and often allows me to add a light touch of whimsy to dimensional pieces, in order to provide a brief respite from the serious concerns of day-to-day life.

Teaching, Speaking, Sharing . . .
Through my teaching workshops, lectures and speaking to guilds and other organizations, I am able to convey my love of these art forms to others. I, in turn, learn much from the interaction with my students and the sharing of ideas.  No two of my workshops are ever the same, because my students come from such varied backgrounds and experience levels. Students enjoy my unusual, practical, and systematic approaches to learning, and I maintain an atmosphere of good humor, open dialog, and gentle encouragement. In other words, we have fun!

Weaving Book
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Ply-Splitting Book
by Barbara J. Walker
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