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Supplementary Warp Patterning
Turned Drafts, Embellishments & Motifs
by Barbara J. Walker

This is the definitive book about weaving with more than one warp. It is intended for experienced weavers who are familiar with supplementary weft structures and basic block theory. User-friendly descriptions show you just how versatile these techniques are. A thorough section on warping will teach you three ways of warping a loom efficiently with more than one warp, two of which do not require a second warp beam. You will be convinced that two or more warps are much better than one.




Barbara's weaving book features:
70 pages, paperback with coil binding and many color images


©2019 ISBN: 978-0-9856293-2-8

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"Supplementary Warp Patterning is a must-have book for all shaft-loom weavers . . . This book will inspire you to explore the unusual design versatility of supplementary warp patterning and give you all the tools you need for the journey."

Madelyn van der Hoogt

Ply-Splitting from Drawdowns 
Interpreting Weave Structures in Ply-Split Braiding 
By Barbara J. Walker

For the first time two ancient fiber techniques, ply-splitting and weaving, are brought together. This book is intended for experienced ply-splitters who are seeking new ways to enjoy this fiber art form. Easy-to-follow instructions and photographs guide you through the method of using weaving drawdowns for ply-splitting diagrams. Selected weave structures are interpreted, new finishing techniques are described, and gallery pieces inspire you to develop your own creations.

Barbara's Ply-Splitting book features:
49 pages, paperback with wire-o binding, black & white instruction diagrams and photos, color gallery pages.


©2012 Barbara J. Walker ISBN 978-0-9856293-0-4


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"This is a valuable and distinct addition to the, as yet,
small collection of books on Ply-Splitting."

                                      Julie Hedges



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