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Ply-Splitting: Braids, Baskets & Beyond

Ply-split braiding, indigenous to northwest India, captivates weavers, braiders, basket makers and other fiber enthusiasts alike. This one, two, or three-day workshop for beginners introduces ply-splitting. No looms are required to produce beautiful braids suitable for neckwear, or shapes which can be manipulated to form vessels.

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Ply-Splitting Analogies

Experienced ply-splitters will enjoy interpreting three weaving techniques in this unique workshop. Day one introduces ply-splitting from weaving drawdowns, appropriate for creating flat pieces; day two demonstrates the use of supplementary cords for embellishment effects on braids and baskets; and day three involves analyzing passememterie bands to interpret them in ply-split darning. Weaving experience is not required. 

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Pieces of Eight 48 Basket

Imagine a ply-split vessel with ribbed sides of ply-split braids, and you have a Pieces of Eight 48 Basket. Its base is six-sided, mostly POT, with eight rounds of cords; its sides consist of twelve ribs of eight cords each. These pieces of eight can take the form of any ply-split braid, or a combination of braids, whether short or long, monochromatic or colorful. This workshop will add many design ideas to the 3-D ply-splitting repertoire of the experienced ply-splitter.

For experienced ply-splitters who know POT and SCOT.

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From Ply-Split Tube to Kumihimo and Back

Two disparate fiber techniques, ply-splitting and kumihimo, come together in this fascinating workshop. Enjoy the textural differences between a smooth, flexible ply-split tube and a stiffer, nubby braid made from cords rather than the usual fine threads.

For experienced ply-splitters who have, perhaps, some braiding experience.

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