Weaving Workshops

Color-and-Weave Duets

This three-day, round-robin workshop demonstrates how color sequencing can totally transform the appearance of a weave structure. Structure exercises and color theory will entice students to develop their own color-and-weave designs. Sample weaving includes duets of a weave structure and its color-and-weave counterpart. Suitable for new weavers and the experienced, this workshop can be a wonderful mentoring experience for a guild.  

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Delectable, Distinctive Design

This two-day workshop entices experienced weavers to enliven woven pieces through the use of color harmonies and analyzing aspects of weave structures that lend themselves to the incorporation of design elements. Through a series of exercises, each student will learn ways to develop a personal design style. A walk with cameras in hand will teach students to observe design ideas that are evident in their surroundings. Looms are not required.

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Signature Blocks

This three-day workshop for intermediate and advanced weavers combines name drafting and block weaves to produce unique, sophisticated commemorative weaving. Students will design their own projects derived from block name drafts provided by the teacher. Exercises include development of name block profiles, analysis of the overshot structure, block name drafting, and color block encryption.


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Stripes with Attitude

This three-day, round-robin workshop for intermediate and advanced weavers examines how design elements and weave structures, including supplementary warps, combine to produce stripes with a high WOW factor. Exercises include turning drafts, and students will learn how to warp a loom with two warps.

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Supplementary Warp Patterning

This three-day, round-robin workshop for intermediate and advanced weavers covers turned drafts and a wide range of supplementary warp applications. It proves that two warps are definitely better than one.

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