Ply-Splitting: Braids, Baskets & Beyond

One, Two, or Three-Day Workshop

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Description for publicity:

Ply-split braiding is a technique found in northwest India. Its traditional use is for making girths, sturdy straps, bags, and other accessories for camels. Ply-splitting captivates weavers, braiders, basket makers and other fiber enthusiasts alike. Instead of elements moving over and under each other, in ply-splitting four–ply cords move through each other. In this workshop you will learn the basics of ply-split braiding with an eye toward creating one-of-a-kind Collars. Then go beyond traditional ply-split bands and learn how to make a basic mat which can be the foundation for three-dimensional forms such as baskets. See several contemporary adaptations, and explore ways to incorporate embellishments, make closures, and finish ends.

Day One:
I.  Lecture introduction, background, necessary tools, examples
II. Hands-on braiding

Day Two:
I.  Making a basic mat
II. Forming a vessel

Day Three:
I.  Making a tube
II. Summary and suggestions for future projects

Level of expertise: beginner

Materials fee: at least $50, includes kit with gripfid, cords, and handouts. Materials fee depends on number of days.

Maximum number of participants: 12

Room requirements: 
a room with very good light

Each student needs:
plenty of table space for a work area, a comfortable chair, good light
Teacher needs: two banquet-size tables for displaying many examples, chalk board and chalk or white board and markers 

Teacher needs for cord-making setup: two six-foot tables end-to-end, corded electric drill and extension cord. Ideally this setup should be in a separate room near the classroom, due to noise from the drill.



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