Pieces of Eight 48 Basket

One, Two, or Three-Day Workshop

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Description for publicity:
Incorporate your favorite ply-split braids in a basket design! Imagine a ply-split vessel with ribbed sides of ply-split braids, and you have a Pieces of Eight 48 Basket. Its base is six-sided, mostly POT, with eight rounds of cords; its sides consist of twelve ribs of eight cords each. These pieces of eight can take the form of any ply-split braid, or a combination of braids, whether short or long, monochromatic or colorful. This workshop will add many design ideas to your 3-D ply-splitting repertoire. You must be familiar with POT and SCOT, and supply your cords.

Day One:
I.   POT structure and efficient use of gripfid
II.  Construction of POT base
III. Construction of SCOT around the POT base

Day Two:
I.  Choosing braid structures for the ribbed sides
II. Construction of the twelve ribbed sides

Day Three:
I.  Joining the tops of braids with SCOT
II. Finishing the basket

NOTE: If only one day is available for the workshop, the POT base must be completely constructed before the workshop, and students will likely not have enough time to finish the basket.

Level of expertise: Intermediate to advanced: must know POT and SCOT structures and be knowledgeable about a variety of ply-split braids.

Maximum number of students: 12

Students need: 48 cords of a desired size and length, for example: 3mm cords, at least 30 in. (80cm) long (choose to use 48 cords of one color, two colors of 24 cords each, or a mixture of many colors in no particular order), gripfid of an appropriate size for cords, 12 generic q-tips with hollow plastic shafts for finishing rim (if desired), scissors, white glue, inch masking tape, instructions for two or three braid designs (Suggested references: Ply-Split Braiding and Ply-Split Braiding Further Techniques by Julie Hedges, or Great SCOT! by Linda Hendrickson), headlamp or additional light, if desired

Materials fee: $10 for handouts

Room requirement: a room with very good light

Each student needs: plenty of table space for a work area, a comfortable chair, good light

Teacher needs: two banquet-size tables for displaying many examples, chalk board and chalk or white board and markers



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