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Enjoy a new approach to block weave design by combining one part block weave structure, plus one part quirky design, plus one part coded message to equal the fun of block name drafting. Block name drafting allows you to encode names or phrases to create a tiling effect with contemporary overshot motifs, without those pesky incidental threads. In addition, you will use color encryption to design stripe sequences, and apply these principles to other block weave structures. Satisfy your wish for commemoration with the sophistication of block name drafting. You must have basic knowledge of the overshot structure.



This is not a round-robin workshop. Students will design and warp their looms with an overshot project prior to the workshop, choosing from name drafts provided by the teacher. Students must have email access.


Day One:

I. Lecture

       A. The code grids

       B. Profile drafts using a code grid

       C. Review of the overshot structure

       D. Applying overshot block threadings to a profile draft

II. Exercise: developing a personal profile draft and overshot name draft

III. Starting a personal name draft project


Day Two:

I. Lecture

       A. Color: another name draft option

       B. Color profile draft

       C. Other block-weave structures suitable for name-drafting 

II. Exercise: developing a color name draft

III. Continue a personal block name draft project


Day Three:

I.   Summary lecture

II.  “Color Game” exercise

III.  Continue with project


Level of expertise: Intermediate to advanced; basic knowledge of the overshot weave structure is necessary


Maximum number of students: 15


Students need: 4-shaft loom; enough yarn (10/2 and 5/2 pearl cotton, for example) for designed overshot project; necessary warping and weaving equipment; colored pencils; 8/inch or larger graph paper; two cardboard strips for wrappings; four different colors of embroidery floss; $40 materials fee includes workshop folder, personal name draft, and “Color Game”

Optional and certainly not necessary: laptop with weaving program


Room requirements: A well-lit room large enough to accommodate students’ looms and warping equipment; a seating area and tables so students can take notes during lectures, electrical outlets


To be provided for the teacher: Two large tables, chalk board and chalk, or white board and markers


Teacher provides: Workshop handouts, one “Color Game” per student, examples for viewing. I will provide at least one name draft per student, so I will need to know their full names at least two weeks prior to the workshop.




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