Stripes with Attitude

Three-Day Workshop

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Description for Publicity:
Bold or subtle, stripes can be so much more than different colored threads. Discover the roles color, texture, pattern, and structure can play in designing stripes with pizzazz, and learn to warp a loom with two warps. Exercises include how to turn drafts and extract portions to create patterned stripes. Sample weaving consists of twill and lace manipulations, textured lines, turned draft stripes, and various uses of supplementary warps.

Day One:
The warping process, begun before the workshop, will be completed. Sample weaving will begin when warping is completed.

Day Two:
I.   Lecture: developing stripe sequences, the role of color and texture,         
     symmetrical vs. asymmetrical lines, tension and weaving
 Worksheets: designing a stripe sequence, determining where to place lines
     of color or texture
III. Sample weaving

Day Three:

I. Lecture: quirks of weave structures, turned drafts and warp-patterned stripes
II.  Worksheets: turning an overshot draft, developing a patterned stripe from a      turned overshot motif
III. Sample weaving
IV. Sample critiques

Level of expertise: Intermediate to advanced weavers; no prior art background required. Students must have email access.

Maximum number of students: 18

Students need: 8-shaft loom; 10, 12, or 15 dent reed; raddle; two sets of lease sticks; sandwich bags (without sandwich); two strong rods, two C-clamps, and weights for a second warp, or a loom with two warp beams; shuttles; bobbin winder; appropriate yarns for assigned sample; $20 materials fee; patience.

Room requirements: A well-lit room with lots of windows, large enough to accommodate students' looms; a seating area and tables so students can take notes during lectures

To be provided for the teacher: Two large tables, chalk board and chalk, or white board and markers

Teacher provides: Assigned drafts based on students' answers to a pre-workshop questionnaire, workshop drafts and handouts, samples for viewing.



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