From Ply-Split Tube to Kumihimo and Back

One or Two-Day Workshop

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Two disparate fiber techniques, ply-splitting and kumihimo, come together in this fascinating workshop. Enjoy the textural differences between a smooth, flexible ply-split tube and a stiffer, nubby braid made from cords rather than the usual fine threads. We will begin ply-splitting a tube, then learn how to convert it, using a disk, into a Kongôgumi braid, and then revert to a ply-split tube. For experienced ply-splitters who have, perhaps, some braiding experience.

Day 1:

I. Choosing cord color order
II. Ply-splitting a tube
III. Conversion to a braid done with a disk
IV. Reverting to a ply-split tube
V. Discussion of finishing options

Day 2:

I. Continue and finish necklace
II. Experiment with other conversions

Level of expertise: Intermediate to advanced: must know quarter and half twists, and the SCOT structure
Kuhimimo braiding experience is very helpful but not necessary.

Maximum number of students: 12

Materials fee: $10 for handouts

Room requirements:  A room with very good light; plenty of table space for a work area and comfortable chair for each student

Students need: E-mail access; prescribed number of 4-ply cords and appropriate size of gripfid; kumihimo disk; scissors; masking tape; white glue; small abacus for keeping track of repeats, if desired; extra light, if desired; note-taking materials

Teacher needs: Two tables for displaying examples, chalk board and chalk, or white board and markers



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